Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A Letter to Senator Liz Warren

Although even the crews wave at her, Senator Elizabeth Warren says she is not running for the 2016 presidential election, and she could be telling the truth. That’s not normal among politicians, who are used to lying as actors do about the pettiness of their life, though for once, this could be true. At the very least people wave at her because she looks like the kind of politician everybody —even conservatives— wish for: a true and honest representative of the people, able and willing to fight for the people they represent.

Warren has many reasons not to run.  First, the embarrassment for a party already set to nominate and support Hillary Clinton, after the negotiations for Obama. This is serious, no matter how much people love Miss Warren. A politician cannot survive without the support of the party to which he/she belongs and this is the first rule a politician knows [and respects] like a convention, no matter either how honest and true he/she may be [Period]. That means that overstepping, ignoring or challenging the accepted beliefs can be interpreted being a traitor to the party, and a smart politician will not go against the political machinery he/she has agreed to represent. At this point we could be a little cynical, and see that it is not about ideological, but about political interests made easy by that ideological [moral] part.

But that’s Warren’s motives for not running now, and everybody know that if it does not happen now it will happen later; four years or eight —after Hillary, it is understood—? Maybe, but then will people still be waving at Warren or will they be sick by then of this other politician who could again betray then? That means that today Miss Warren is lead to the classic question: to be or not to be… a real politician, but what is a real politician? A representative of the people —as she is now— or a crony with a fabulous way of life… within the party? For sure, if Warren does not run this time this will be a statement louder than her curses over Wall Street. Voters will know they were cheated once again, and disappointed, they could turn to a renewed Republican Party. Yes, the Republican Party exists and it is illogical that it will continue forever ruining its prestige and relevance over the American tradition. Let us be clear more than emotional, the extreme right has arisen over the Republicans because they felt cheated and deceived, not because they are morons. In addition, Democrats are ruining their party’s prestige and relevance, in a mirror situation that reflects the situation in the United States.

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However, just as Warren could be setting her race for four or eight years into the future, so could Republicans be planning a strong candidate during this time. This would mean that it could be too late for Warren. Miss Warren should remember her own words, and know that her duty as a politician is not about what she or the party wants but about what the needs are of the people who pay her great salary and benefits in these hard times. That is why Miss Warren maybe not be ready for Warren, but she’d better be.

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