Tuesday, June 8, 2021

The end of quantum reality and the forms of beauty

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  This is not the quantum theory of Wolfgang Smith but the eulogy of both, his theory and smartness; so it is problematic, because differently to his theory, it is not supposed to be seen with a critical eye. It may suggest that, but that is a trap, because it is conducted in the same way that the hermeneutical bubble of Idealism; intended to find its meaning in itself rather than objectively, which is also legitimate, since it is a eulogy and not a mere exposition.

It could be a fascinating introduction to the quantum realm, if it were not because this self-absorption; and because that, any person will have a hard time if does not agree with the reasoning of Wolfgang. The problem is not about the indubitable smartness of Doctor Wolfgang, but the eulogy itself; because it is not an introduction to the problem but a eulogy of a master in the matter, which is different.

The theory of Mr. Wolfgang is on his books, beauty as a treaty of theology, because it is a modern treaty of theology; and that means it retains that superb structure of modernity that only the sciences withhold at these times. It is still excessive as all the theologies, ancient and moderns, in their faith, to the point of fanaticism; which is normal, since it is a vane intent to grasp an intuition in the barrage of data and information that reality shower on us.

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As an example, the consistence of reality is questioned because the quantum paradox, which is only apparent; but not because that paradox does not exist in its appearance, but because the formal nature of this appearance. That means that reality cannot be denied only because the measurer cannot surpass the measurement, like with the existence of God; so the approach should not be that of denial, but the acknowledge of a superimposed nature of the so-called reality.

Because this, some scientist (Bernardo Kastrup) postulates Idealism as the only approach to reality; without understanding that what they deny as “realism” is an idealistic reduction to physicalism; which is not realism at all, since actual realism contains even the transcendent determinations of reality. This means that the problem behind this is only hermeneutic, referred to the epistemological spectrum; and those who comes to that chair of God before this conciliation is just a mistic, like the earlies Christians of patristic… which is another form of beauty by the way.

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